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McClane's Mom Writes Us a Review

"If you are interested in making a positive and healthy lifestyle change for you, your family and your dog please go to Boss K9. My husband Jeff and I took our 4-year-old Olde English Bulldog named McClane because we could not allow McClane’s behaviors to continue with our newborn in the home. McClane was not your typical dog, he was the alpha of the house and made sure EVERYONE knew it. Jeff couldn’t even get into bed without bringing a snack to coax McClane off his side or risk the potential of getting a nasty growl and maybe even a bite. McClane would obsessively jump on Jeff if we hugged, kissed or danced around as we prepared for our first dance for our wedding. McClane had given Jeff and I countless bites and markings on our bodies when we tried to get things away from him that weren’t his, give him a bath or simply try to take a pillow from him because we wanted to go to sleep. It was bad…so bad. Not to mention McClane believed that all human food was his food! Jeff and I would throw skittles, pieces of bread.. really anything we could to try and get him away from us while we ate. If we did not chuck food at him, he would jump on us and knock our plates and food onto the ground. Oh and McClane refused to eat his dog food UNLESS there was human food put into his bowl, he would go DAYS without eating or he would protest. So, we called around and found Boss K9 to see if someone… anyone could help us with this intolerable dog that was ruling our house like a tyrant! We called Anna and over the phone we knew that she was professional, personable, confident, experienced and ready for the challenge. When we met her, we felt at ease and excited for this new chapter. We dropped McClane off with his dog food and over 20 cans of green beans so he wouldn’t go hungry during his training (yes, that’s right)!

After a 6 week board and train we were able to see McClane again, nervous and excited. The difference is night and day! McClane has been home for about 3 weeks and he has not jumped or bitten anyone or stolen anything that is not his! I can’t believe I am saying this, but I have never been happier to have 20 some cans of green beans returned to me because now, McClane eats his food like a normal dog! Anna and her team continue to amaze us with the work they have done. I was afraid that we were going to have to give up our furry family member because of his behaviors but now we are learning and living life again! Our dog no longer rules the home!! This training is not just for the doggies but also for YOU. The work that Boss K9 staff invests in your dog is no joke! I have never written a review before in my life but I felt that Anna and her team are beautiful souls that connect with our furry friends on a deeper level and I can say with 100% certainty it is worth it to invest in them because they invest in you!" - McClane's Mom

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