Frequently Asked Questions

What training style do you use?

We use Balanced Training, which is a technique where Trainers use both reward based techniques, and aversive consequences. This provides the dog with information that lets them know that their choices can result in either agreeable or disagreeable outcomes. This is the highest level of communication we can achieve with our dogs.

What kind of dogs do you train?

From greyhounds to pugs, labradors to poodles, from aggressive to social, we understand how to curate training sessions that match each dog's personality and learning style.

Do you have a facility?

Yes, we are located at 5606 Fleet Ave. Cleveland, OH 44105, right in the heart of Slavic Village.

Do you provide boarding?

Yes, but boarding is exclusive to our training clients only. Our clients have the ability to board their dogs with us for $50 a night, which includes training sessions, exercise, play, and structured socialization during their stay. This is a great opportunity for our Boss K9 family to get touch up training while out of town.

What type of guarantee can you provide?

The short answer is none. The long answer is there are many factors that play into what a dog's success looks like. One being how consistent clients are with their dogs during Private Lessons and after the Board and Train. Two what's the natural temperament of your dog? We use an honest and straight forward approach when speaking to each client about what possible outcomes they can expect. The goal is to get each dog to the best possible place they can be, and that truly looks different for each dog. 

Do you provide refunds?

No, all payments made to Boss K9 are non-refundable.

Do you have any payment plans available?

Yes, we understand that training is not cheap, and it is an investment in your dogs life. We are flexible with clients, and we help to create payment plans if necessary. Lots of our clients take advantage of Paypal Financing. Paypal Credit allows our clients to finance our training fee for six months interest free.

Has a dog ever not learned?

Some dogs are more intelligent than others. Some dogs are capable of learning faster than others. That being said, we have never had a dog come to our facility and not learn anything. We do occasionally need more time with a dog. When this happens we will recommend that your dog stay with us another week. The board and train weekly cost is $700. In regards to private lessons, we occasionally have a dog signed up for the Core Package and later realize they are better suited for our Advance Package. Similarly, it is possible that an Advance Package client may be better suited in the Board and Train Program. All of these decisions are always discussed and explored with Owner consent.  


5606 Fleet Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44105


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