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All Boss K9 Clients have access to our exclusive boarding, which includes training touch-ups in the boarding cost.

Private Lessons

Geared towards owners who want to understand the ins and outs of our training.
Each session will be 45-75 minutes, and we will meet with you once a week at your home, predetermined location (park, store, vet, etc), or our facility. We will show you and your dog the proper use of E-Collars, Prong Collars, Affection, and Food in training. Training equipment is included in each package. Please note: Private Lessons are not a suitable package for dogs who have serious behavioral issues.

Core Package


The Core Package consists of four private one-on-one lessons located at our facility. This package has the flexibility for tailoring to specific goals you may have with your dog. This is a great opportunity to teach foundational obedience (sit, down, heel, bed, recall, threshold obedience, on-leash obedience, crate training, etc.) and tackle minor issues (jumping, minor leash reactivity, counter surfing, overexcitement, excessive barking, etc.).

The Advanced Package


The Advanced Package is eight private one-on-one lessons, located at our facility and/or at selected public locations. This package is a well-rounded approach for off-leash training, designed for dogs 6 months and older.  We will tackle all basic obedience commands and advanced obedience (off-leash manners, impulse control, and reliability around distractions). We will also curb any negative behaviors (jumping, leash reactivity, counter surfing, overexcitement, excessive barking, etc.). Includes phone and email support.


The In-Home Package

Convenience Charge

All Private Lesson Packages can be arranged for your home. There will be a $1.00 per mile travel fee added to each package cost.

Puppy Core Package


Designed for puppies between the ages of 3 and 6 months old. In four private one-on-one lessons located in our facility, we will help get you and your dog off to a healthy start! We address potty training, crate training, and all of the basics: sit, down, stay, door manners, and on-leash walking.

Off Leash Puppy Package


Designed for puppies between the ages of 3 and 6 months old. In eight private one-on-one lessons located in our facility, or in-home, we will get your dog into a balanced state of mind AND off-leash trained! This package is designed to be a well-rounded approach for any puppy just entering the world. We tackle all of the basics and create a solid off-leash reliable dog. Includes phone and email support.

Training: Outdoor Activities
Training: Outdoor Activities

Board & Train

Board and Train Packages are geared towards owners who have busy schedules, or dogs with more serious behavioral issues. Your dog has the opportunity to train in an environment in which they have zero previous associations. Your dog will leave the board and train program with a completely new outlook on life. We will teach them a system of communication through verbal markers, our energy, rewards, and corrections.


This language will teach your dog how to deal with stress, fear, and anxiety, while also empowering you to feel confident in handling your dog in any situation. Your pup will also have the opportunity to learn how to properly socialize with other dogs and strangers. Each package includes all the equipment your dog will need: eCollar Technologies collar/remote, prong collar, and slip lead.

Please note: if your dog has a bite record they must complete our 4 Week Board and Train at minimum. We do offer 5 and 6 Week Board and Trains,  and pride ourselves on tailoring our programs to the needs of each individual dog.


2 Week + 2 Follow-Ups


Designed for dogs with naturally balanced temperaments. We complete all foundational obedience commands and some advanced obedience. We will also curb minor negative behaviors. Includes 2 free in person follow up lessons and a year of phone and email support.

3 Week + 2 Free Follow-Ups


Ideal for dogs who may have some behavioral issues and owners who would like for their dogs to be reliable off leash. We will start out the program with obedience. We move at each dog’s individual pace, so once they are ready we will jump into advanced obedience while tackling minor issues throughout (jumping, leash reactivity, counter surfing, over excitement, anxiety, fear, destructive behaviors, excessive barking, etc.). Includes 2 free in person follow ups and phone and email support.

IMG_3395 (1).jpg

4 Week + 2 Free Follow-Ups


Daily intensive training, ideal for dogs with serious behavioral issues, including but not limited to: human aggression, dog aggression, severe separation anxiety, food aggression, toy aggression, etc. This package includes 2 free in person follow ups and phone and email support.

5 Week + 2 Free Follow-Ups


This program is designed for dogs who have severely injured another person or dog, or who need to be weaned off any anxiety medication. It is also ideal for dogs from multiple-dog households where fighting has occurred. We'll tackle any existing issues such as severe separation anxiety, resource-guarding, leash reactivity, etc. This package includes 2 free in-person follow ups, as well as phone and email support. 

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