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Hank's Dad Leaves a Review for Boss K9

"I have an 8ish year old American English Coonhound named Hank and he has some severe car anxiety and some separation anxiety, or I guess I should say "had!" I found Anna and BossK9 on Instagram and reached out to see if she could help me get Hank into a better mindset when we get in the car to go places. He used to howl like a madman due to his excitement and anxiety in the car, to the point that someone once called the police on me while I was driving him to the Rocky Riverdog park. After 8 weekly sessions with Anna and some work at home, I just completed a 3000+ mile roadtrip from Cleveland to Houston, to New Orleans, and back, all with the dog peacefully snoozing in the backseat! He will even walk right by my side, off-leash, and it's all thanks to Anna and her balanced training techniques! Give BossK9 a call for any level of behavior correction, she certainly knows what she's doing!" - Hank's Dad

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