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Top-of-the-line dog training

We believe there is hope for dogs who are struggling with human
aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, and massive anxiety.


Boss K9 specializes in canine behavior modification, basic obedience, and advanced obedience. We work with all pups - from young puppies to dogs who have been recommended to be put down. We will show you and your dog the proper use of E-Collars, Prong Collars, Affection, and Food in training. 


Let us help you build a healthy relationship with your dog. 


Our Training 

We are Balanced Trainers who believe in a safe and fair approach. Our formula has saved many pets from being put down, taken back to shelters, and passed around from home to home.


Our Mission

At Boss K9 our mission is to be the last Trainer you will ever need. This means we have to build a long lasting bond with every dog and human we work with.


The Science

Balanced Training is scientifically proven to be an effective method of learning because it is based upon Operant Conditioning and Classical Conditioning. Understanding how to motivate a dog to change and shape their behavior empowers owners to create healthy habits with their pets.

Call (216) 314-6385

Give us a call to tell us all about your canine companion and how best we can help you.

6016 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, OH 44103

(216) 314-6385

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