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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Many of you have seen the before and after footage of Vinny. In fact, it has circulated so much around Facebook that it now has over 20,000 views. He came to me with some extreme human aggression and dog aggression issues. Here’s the truth that not many Trainers will talk about — the training never truly ends. Every living, waking, moment we spend with our dogs we are reinforcing behaviors. Those could be good behaviors, or bad ones too. When a dog goes home after a board and train, or wraps up private lessons with me or any other trainer on this planet, the work is not over. The dogs are not perfect and neither are their owners. That is why it is so important that you pick a Trainer who you personally vibe with. You want a Trainer who will be there to answer your phone call despite the fact that “the training is over.” 🐕 Vinny’s Owner is dealing with an emergency in the hospital right now, and I am so happy I can help out in this tough time by boarding Vinny. Not only board him, but have the opportunity to continue socializing him and reinforcing boundaries, respect, and trust in his life. 👍 @ Cleveland, Ohio

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